The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Jan 25, 2008

Economic Development 2007

Progress Report - Executive Summary

  • Assisted Firefly, Drumheller Bag, & Globe Energy
  • Developed and refined the Southern Gateway Plan
  • Developed the Warehouse District Plan and TIF
  • Developed the Eagle View Plan and TIF
  • Negotiated six TIF redevelopment agreements
  • Contacted 200 Business owners and developers for development
  • Developed Sheridan Road Business District
  • Began implementation for Prospect Road Revitalization
  • Created marketing blogs
  • Led 77 Enterprise Zone projects which created 130 new jobs and $25M in investment
  • Continued Fa├žade Improvement Programs
  • Helped the new Long Term Acute Care Hospital
  • Continued to market Renaissance Park and Warehouse District
  • Sold three city owned properties for development
  • Processed 6 Enterprise Zone expansions
  • Reduced economic development staff from 6 to 5 employees
  • Initiated the Walk to Work Program to attract homeowners
  • Initiated the Green Heart of Peoria Plan
  • Initiated River Trail Drive and Green Edge Plan
  • Loaned $480,000 from Business Development Loan Fund
  • Managed Pocket Park Grant (5 Parks Planned)
For more information, contact:

Economic Development City of Peoria
419 Fulton, Suite 403
Peoria, IL 61602
(309) 494-8640

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