The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Nov 19, 2008

The Heartland Partnership is thrilled to share this news with you!

NBC Nightly News was in town last week to do a story on this region being a pocket of prosperity. The crew talked with Jim McConoughey about how and why this region is doing better than the rest of the country during this tough economic period. They talked about how our community businesses are diversified and many are now global in scope.

The crew also talked with Excel Foundry and Foremost Industrial Technologies about their current growth and success. This story is designed to show the rest of the country that our region is doing well and we are the spotlight of prosperity.

It sounds like the story will air Thursday night during the nightly news program at 5:30. The reporter who did the story says there is a 50% chance it may float due to heavier news of the day but we won’t know until Thursday. So, be sure to set the DVR’s or get home in time to see our story. We’ll update you if and when we receive more information.

This is great news for our region!!!

Renee Charles
Director of Public Affairs and Media Relations
The Heartland Partnership
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Christopher said...

WE should be glad but not boast about It to a nation largely in economic peril! Reality is that most of the Peoria area's " prosperity ", including the medical community, still relies heavily upon CAT's success. We should be very grateful AND gracious! Nor, should Peorians pretend to be insulated to the 2008 recession and have all the answers. Remember, the Peoria area's prosperity could instantly change for the worse.... then, then would WE we be so quick to pat ourselves on the back?

I Dare YOU print this Mr. Hullinger, instead of the usual hand-picked " rosy " comments!

Craig Hullinger AICP City of Peoria said...

Well, I much prefer the "rosy" comments, but you make a good point. Peoria is doing well, but we are not insulated from the economic problems of the country and the world. And running scared is always a good idea in Economic Development - trying to figure out how to improve our economy while avoiding problems.

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