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May 13, 2009

Site Search - 400,000 Square Feet

We have another site search. Please contact me if you have a property that would suit this request. 

A planned start-up electric vehicle manufacturing project with the code name of Project Image is considering the Midwest to establish their company operations and would like to review Illinois options for their project.  Planned employment and investment is substantial.  The company contact indicated a preference for a southern Illinois site, but will also review northern Illinois sites.  And, they are open to existing buildings and land sites.

Building Requirements

Ø  Building required size: 400,000 sq. ft.

·         Office: 50,000 sq. ft.

·         Warehouse: 50,000 sq. ft.

·         Production : 275,000 sq. ft.

·         Clear ceiling height: 28' clear

Ø  Number of truck doors: 20 Dock level and 5 Grade level

Ø  Number of parking spaces: 550

Ø  Building must have the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  Thus, a proposed building should not be more than 10 years old unless significant improvements have been made that enabled the facility to obtain the LEED certification. 

Ø  Floors must be 6" thick

Ø  Open to lease or purchase, but must be a single tenant or standalone 400K SF facility

Ø  Facility must not have any outstanding environmental questions

Ø  Cosmetically appealing


Land Requirements

Ø  Minimum acres: 30 to a maximum of 50

Ø  Must be shovel ready; that is, all pre-development due diligence work must be complete.  Most importantly an environmental assessment must have been completed on a proposed site indicating there is no issues concerning wetlands, endangered species, archaeological digs, etc.  An environmental impact statement is acceptable, but an environmental assessment is preferred.


Utility Requirements


Ø  Demand: 1,350 kW

Ø  Usage: 396,000 average kWh per month

Ø  Load factor: not provided

Ø  Desired service voltage: 480 Volt and 3 Phase

Ø  Hours of operation: 6 am to 12 am

Ø  Operating days per week: 5 days

Ø  Desired building amperage: 8000

Natural Gas

Ø  Therms per month: TBD

Ø  Cubic feet per hour: 10 MCF

Ø  Pounds per square inch: Min. process

Water - Gallons per day: 8800

Wastewater - Gallons per day: 6160

Communications - Fiber optics, digital switching and high capacity T-1 all preferred


Transportation Requirements

Ø  Interstate access: 10 miles is an acceptable distance.  The plan calls for 50 trucks to enter and leave the facility each day.

Ø  Rail service on-site is required.  Fifty carloads per week is estimated.

Ø  Preferred distance to a commercial  airport: 50 miles.  International and cargo service is desired.


Other site selection factors: The company would prefer a community that has a 5-10 year environmental plan to go green adopting and implementing environmental initiatives.  The company would like to help a community achieve such objectives.  Also, the Project Image company does not want to be the major employer in town.


Concerning the type of project, it is a plug in electric hybrid vehicle Project Image plans to produce.  The company plans to finance the project with a federal government loan guarantee and private equity.  The facility would primarily employ assemblers, but secondarily workers in mechanical occupations.


Project schedule: Select a site in the next 1-2 months.  If new construction, begin construction in November 2010.  (The gap between site selection and construction partly allows for federal EPA review of environmental assessment, which is required for federal loan assistance.)  Begin operations in the new facility by February 2012.

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