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Jun 18, 2009



Although the 2010 Census is almost a year away, the work of the U.S. Census Bureau continues throughout the decade.   The Census Bureau is currently conducting surveys in the Peoria area. The surveying will likely continue beyond Census day which is April, 2010.  The information these surveys provide about the social and economic conditions of our nation and local areas affects us all. 

We are asking your support as Census takers come to your households to conduct their surveys.  We do understand that you may be concerned with security, personal identity, and privacy issues.  Please be assured that the confidentiality of information provided to Census Bureau Representatives is protected.

If your household has been selected to participate in the Census survey, the Census Bureau will send you a notification letter.  All Census Field Representatives are required to display an official photo identification card issued by the U.S. Department of Commerce.  To verify the identification of a Census Field Representative or the legitimacy of a survey, please contact the Chicago regional Office of the U.S. Bureau of the Census at 630/288-9200.

          Alma Brown, City of Peoria Communications Manager, 309 494-8554

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