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Mar 9, 2010

The World Is Flat, But Peoria Is Its Center

A few years ago, a man drove to Peoria from Chicago, walked into my office at Axis, Inc., and handed me a bar napkin on which he had sketched a motorcycle. Not just any motorcycle, but his vision of the most powerful superbike ever to be manufactured in the United States.
We had an engineer in our New Delhi office with experience in motorcycle frame design for Komatsu and an engineer in our U.K. office who had been with BMW Motorcycles in Germany. We agreed to design the bike. At 6am, three times a week, we had a regular conference call to coordinate our activities around the world and make sure our designs maintained the rakish profile the French designer later recommended. We never met face to face as a group. The bike is now being manufactured in Maryland and is a big hit in Australia and Indonesia

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