The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

May 5, 2010

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The Greater Peoria Mass Transit District is celebrating its 40-year anniversary all this week. The district was formed on May 4, 1970 by the City of Peoria, Village of Peoria Heights and Village of West Peoria.

Peoria NEXT will award two $50,000 grants this summer through the Peoria NEXT Research Grant Program. Pre-proposals are being accepted now, the application deadline is May 26th, and the awards will be announced on July 15th. Funding will be awarded to projects that best incorporate the inter-institutional collaboration, scientific/technical merit, commercialization potential and future access to funding. Electronic submission to is the preferred method of submission. Call 495-5924 for more information.

Intellihot Green Technologies Inc., a 2009 start-up company in the Peoria NEXT Innovation Center, is nominated as one of the best energy start-up companies in the U.S. and could be one of 24 start-ups selected to appear on a 13-part TV reality series set to air this fall. Formed in 2009 by former Caterpillar Inc. employees, Intellihot has developed a state-of-the art demand tankless water heater that uses conventional materials and advanced electronics. Visit to vote for Intellihot!

Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois announced its participation in Put Illinois to Work, an anti-poverty program intended to create employment opportunities for low-income families and individuals. Eligible residents will be placed in positions for up to six months, learning valuable skills and supporting their families. Goodwill is acting as a subcontractor for the program. For more information, call 682-1113, ext. 121 or visit

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