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Aug 2, 2010

Unemployment Rate

The unemployment rate for the Peoria MSA rose to 10.3% in June largely due to an increase in the labor force.  Over 1,400 jobs were created in the Peoria MSA in June, but that was outpaced by almost 3,700 people joining the labor force.  The increase in labor force shows that more people are actively seeking work and many of them are new to the Peoria metro workforce (meaning they weren't previously working) or they have moved to the Peoria metro in search of work.

Monthly workforce comparison for Peoria MSA

                       Workforce     Employed    Unemployed

April, 2010        202,689      180,591         22,098          

May, 2010        201,581       182,898         18,683         

June, 2010       205,373       184,312         21,061        

Monthly Unemployment rate comparison

                    Peoria MSA    National       Illinois

April, 2010       10.9              9.5             10.8

May, 2010        9.3               9.3              10

June, 2010      10.3              9.5              10.4

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