The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Jan 13, 2011

Patrick Urich Peoria County Administrator

Patrick Urich is leaving his job as the Peoria County Administrator

He did an outstanding job at Peoria County,

and would be the best possible choice for 

the City of Peoria. With the trust of both the 

County Board and City Council he may be 

able to coordinate efforts to improve 

services and save money.

Taking a new job as a City Manager has become very difficult. Because of the open political process, news that a City Manager is interviewing with another city often become public knowledge.
Patrick may be establishing the new way for city managers to transition - they give notice and leave their current position before seeking a new job. A bit expensive and risky for many managers, however.

"I am eternally grateful for the Peoria County Board and staff and elected officials for working with them for 10 great years," Urich said. "Its been a fantastic opportunity, the best of my career and I think it's at a point where I'm ready to pursue opportunities as they arise."
Urich said he has "nothing lined up right now," adding that it is too premature to say whether he is interested in the manager's job with the city of Peoria."

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