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May 25, 2014

Bus to Chicago

The Peoria Charter Coach Company has provided service from Peoria to O'Hare and Midway Airports for many years.  It is a valuable service.

They have reworked their interim stops in a way that makes it much useful.  The first stop was at the Bone Student Center in Normal.  It has now moved to downtown Normal next to the Conference Center and AMTRAK Station.  So the bus is now a convenient feeder to AMTRAK.

There are usually five buses a day from Peoria to Chicago with all of them stopping at the Normal Amtrak Station. There are usually 5 Amtrak trains from Normal north to Chicago and south to St Louis.


The bus stop in Joliet has been moved to the METRA / AMTRAK Station in downtown Joliet.  There are a number of trains leaving Joliet for downtown Chicago.

So our bus service that has always provided nice service to the Chicago airports now also provides nice service to AMTRAK and METRA Trains.

Example - Business or Shopping or Fun Trip to Chicago

Take the 6:30 am bus from Peoria north to Joliet, arriving at 9:25 am.  Take the 10:25 METRA train to Chicago, arriving at 11:48 am.


Take the METRA Train from Chicago to Joliet to meet the Peoria Charter Bus for their 6:45 pm or 10:30 pm return trip to Peoria.

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