The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Aug 21, 2013

Market Research Shows Strong Demand

The City has retained Tracy Cross to do studies on the near downtown area. Each study has shown strong demand for housing as shown above. Tracy Cross is currently updating their study and the new numbers should be available in September 2013.


The City offers: 
  • Historic tax credits of 45% of investment 
  • TIF incentives of up to 60% of new fair market value
  • No sales tax on building material

The new CAT Visitor Center and Museum is open. The Pere Marquette Hotel is rehabilitated and the new Marriott Courtyard hotel under construction. We are in the midst of major construction on attractive new urban streets. CAT is planning a new Corporate Headquarters. Tracy Cross projects demand for 194 dwelling units a year.

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