The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Jul 11, 2011

City Economic Development Staff

Rachael Parker
Economic Development City of Peoria

Rachael Parker greets all visitors with a warm smile and a friendly attitude. She makes sure that the visitor finds the information they requested, and helps them to make investments in our city.  She ensures that everyone is fairly treated with respect, and she follows up on requests. She resolves problems, and works to help all potential business owners and investors. She is an asset to the City of Peoria.

Bobby Gray  
Economic Development City of Peoria

Bobby Gray ensures that everyone who comes into the city economic development department is met with a friendly greeting. He makes sure that the individual is treated with respect, and he tries to find a way to help the person locate or expand his business in the city.  He has a confident, quiet, and encouraging manner that helps people feel confident about the treatment they receive. He is a major plus for the City.

Susan Schlupp  
Economic Development City of Peoria

Susan Schlupp greats all visitors to the department with proper respect.  She is outgoing and friendly and  works energetically to resolve any issues that the individual may have with the city. She makes a substantial effort to resolve red tape, and finds a way to assist the person to locate or expand his business in the city.  She maintains ongoing relationships with a wide variety of people, and works to resolve any outstanding issues.

Stephanie Grayson Doss  
Economic Development City of Peoria
(Has left City Employment for a great opprtunity)

Stephanie Grayson Doss is a great asset to the City of Peoria. She is the first person people meet when entering the department or calling for assistance.  She has a substantial knowledge of the City, and can help resolve inssues quieckly and efficiently.  She is very friendly and helpful.  Her knowledge of the City  helps resolve many concerns before they become a problem.  She is a definite asset to the City.

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