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Jul 23, 2011

iBi - July 2011

iBi - July 2011

Words of Wisdom
by Jonathan Wright

As the rate of change accelerates, the future is becoming impossible to predict. In a rapidly changing world, success—in business or otherwise—requires the firm ground of adaptation and a foundation of lifelong learning. And it never stops. But don’t take my word for it.
iBi Focus


  • Serenity in the Storm
    At the personal level, how we handle change is perhaps the key challenge of our time. The ability to maintain tranquility and balance amidst the storms of change is essential to our well-being.

by Dr. John F. Gilligan

Have we, too, arrived at a time when we can neither endure our excesses nor their cures? So wrote Titus Livy on the eve of the implosion of the Roman republic. Livy’s statement cleverly embraces two inextricable concepts: culture and change.

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