The City of Peoria is looking for a few good developers to redevelop our historic core.

Jul 7, 2011

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Last night, the Peoria County Board named Lori Curtis Luther as the county’s next administrator after conducting a national search for candidates to replace Patrick Urich. Luther is currently city administrator for the City of Waukesha, Wisconsin, with more than 14 years of experience in local government management. She will start in August. Interim Administrator Greg Chance will remain in his current capacity until September.
Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois will offer “The Power of Work,” a free, comprehensive approach to job placement. Participants will receive extensive training in the skills most sought after by local employers. The program begins on August 1, 2011, and classes take place at the Goodwill Peoria Learning Center, as well as local businesses. Participants will be trained in customer service, soft skills, organizational skills, career development, job transitioning and many other areas. Registration is limited. Anyone interested in this free training should call (309) 682-1113, x2124.
The Peoria Civic Center is offering a “PICK 3” option for its 2011-2012 Broadway Theater Series. These packages allow patrons to choose at least three of the Broadway shows to create their own mini-season. Patrons can also purchase tickets to Wicked before individual shows sell out. The upcoming Broadway series also includes Young Frankenstein, Rock of Ages, South Pacific, Shrek The Musical and The Rat Pack is Back as an extra. Packages are available at 10am today at the Peoria Civic Center Box Office, by calling (309) 673-3200 or at

CG 2011 Technology Series

IBI: July 2011: Focus on Change

IBI: July 2011: Focus on Change
The July 2011 issue of iBi is out now and focuses on the topic of change.
Businesses come, businesses go. Buildings rise and fall. Individuals grow up and are transformed. New generations replace those that came before. Demographics shift. Technological change begets social change.
As the rate of change accelerates, the future is becoming impossible to predict. In a rapidly changing world, success—in business or otherwise—requires the firm ground of adaptation and a foundation of lifelong learning. And it never stops.
In this issue...
Serenity in the Storm
by Jan Wright, Publisher
The ability to maintain tranquility and balance amidst the storms of change is essential to our well-being.
Nothing Changes Unless the Culture Changes
by Dr. John F. Gilligan
Have we, too, arrived at a time when we can neither endure our excesses nor their cures? So wrote Titus Livy on the eve of the implosion of the Roman republic. Livy’s statement cleverly embraces two inextricable concepts: culture and change.
Global Education: A Front-Row View of the Future
by Richard C. Longworth, Chicago Council on Global Affairs
If the Peoria region is to thrive in the global era, it needs smart, worldly people who understand the global economy and how it works. I recently spent two weeks with some of these people—still students, but ready to lead Peoria into the future.
“You Can’t Make Me, Mommy!”: A Fresh Way of Viewing Resistance to Change
by Mark Bidlake, CGN & Associates, Inc.
Navigating through an important project or busy calendar, each of us meets square on with roadblocks, hurdles and naysayers.
Strategic Marketing: Small, Targeted Changes Render Big Results
by Greg Wilson, Peoria Logo
Before changing your business’s marketing strategy, carefully evaluate the need. Then, if change is warranted, start small.
Your Career Forecast: Cloudy With a Chance of Virtualization
by Greg Johnson, uConsulting
Career virtualization means packaging your skill sets in a manner that creates an abstraction layer between you and your employer.
Get to Know Your Change Agents: Implementing Successful and Lasting Change
by Paul E. Macek, Proctor Health Care
Nothing creates more skepticism than unsuccessful change.
New Business Ideas Empowering Organizational Success
by Amy Lambert, Heart Technologies
Some of the most innovative things professionals are introducing into their toolboxes are a little...well, out of the box.
Change in the Global Neighborhood
by Angela Weck, Peoria Area World Affairs Council
U.S. citizens need to be informed and prepare to be active facilitators of change in their own communities.
Investing in District-Wide Change
by Dr. Grenita Lathan, Peoria Public Schools District 150
Peoria Public Schools seeks to ensure that every student is prepared for post-secondary education or the workplace.
Change Your Way of Thinking About Entrepreneurship
by Renee Charles and Shad Sleeth, Peoria NEXT
President Obama and business leaders confess that small business is the backbone of America’s economy.
Handling Change: Say Goodbye to TMI
by Steven A. Hamon, The Antioch Group
As we confront change at work or in our personal lives, here are three keys for staying right-side-up in the face of it all.
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Friday, July 8th to Saturday, July 16th @ Expo Gardens
The annual Heart of Illinois Fair will take place, with a grand opening and ribbon cutting at 4pm on Friday, July 8th. The fair opens at noon on Saturday and Sunday, and 4pm Monday through Friday. Visit for complete details.
Wednesday, July 13th @ Knights of Columbus Hall, Morton
Kuhl & Company will offer a Workers’ Compensation Reform seminar presented by Craig Young of Heyl Royster from 8 to 11am at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Morton, 616 West David. Continental breakfast at 8am. Seminar runs from 8:30 to 11am. Reserve your spot by calling (309) 266-7300.
Wednesday, July 13th @ Peoria NEXT Innovation Center
Learn how to do business with the Rock Island Arsenal at an event hosted by the Illinois Procurement Technical Assistance Center, IMEC and the EDC for Central Illinois from 8am to noon. For info or to register, call (309) 495-5907 or email

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